Our mobile CareVan is stocked with practical and tangible aid
to deliver to families facing hardship in Suffolk County


Honest, hardworking, middle-class families all across Long Island sometimes find themselves in crisis situations, largely due to circumstances beyond their control. Many people are still experiencing the costly, damaging, and displacing effects of Hurricane Sandy, while countless more are personally suffering in this challenging economy. Despite their best efforts, they need assistance to adequately care for their families and meet their most basic needs.

CareVan uniquely and compassionately serves Suffolk County families by extending a helping hand in these times of need. Our caring team is a support system to those facing adverse circumstances, offering vital assistance through the monthly delivery of non-food essentials, community resource materials, and emotional support. As our services are intended to provide short-term help, every six months we reevaluate our clients' individual situations and reassess their needed services.

Last night I received the three bags of items. I was touched more than I can express and as I began to unpack today, tears came to my eyes. All I can say is thank you. The compassion, empathy, and hard working efforts you are bringing to the community will touch lives on so many levels; it is truly heart warming.
— Caroline
Thank you for your help during these difficult times. I have learned true humility this year. Your products lifted my heart as did your card. Thank you and God bless you.
— Veronica
I want to thank you so much. You brought me some supplies and I really, really appreciate it. I needed some kind of help. I never believed there was someone out there like this and I was so happy. I just want to thank you for all the stuff. God bless you all.
— Delores
Words cannot express our surprise and extreme gratitude for your most generous gift from your CareVan ministry to help us after Rich’s unfortunate accident.
— Sonja
You are a God-send.  Thank you so very much.  You have blessed us in our time of need.
— Keith
Thank you so much for the gift card and certificate (through your Back-to-School Scholarship). You made me feel so loved and special. I cannot wait to go pick out new clothes.
— Erika

CareVan operates under the covering of Temple Ministries, CFC.